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Taxspenders are counting on you to stay disorganized.

They are addicted to your pocketbook and have been organized for decades. They are the public employee unions, corporate welfare specialists, welfare state bureaucrats, and public education status quo elitists. They know the political players by their first names and they know the Lansing and local government games by heart. When it comes to fighting them to protect your income, you don’t stand a chance! Or do you?

Someone is on your side.

The Michigan Taxpayers Alliance (MTA) is a non-partisan, statewide organization of taxpayers dedicated to expanding Michigan’s economy by reducing state and local tax burdens on families and job providers. The MTA believes:

• Michigan’s tax burden is too high.

• People spend their own money more wisely than government does.

• Government is a service provider, not a jobs provider. Services should be administered as efficiently as possible.

The MTA provides members with assistance:

• Educating the public on the economic impact of state and local tax proposals, including proposed school and local millage increases.

• Communicating to elected officials regarding tax and spending issues.

• Understanding the political process in Lansing and at the local level, and how to effectively advance the goals of the MTA.

The MTA is not a ‘think tank’, but an ‘action tank’ whose purpose is to help members take legal, vigorous and effective action against governments that tax and spend too much.

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A donation of ANY amount makes you a member of the MTA!!!
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If you have any questions, please send them to Leon@MITaxpayers.org.