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The coveted Prada opening slot for their FW11.12 tiffany & co outletshow (watch) went to French model and Silent Models girl Colinne Michaelis.tiffany & co outlet She the one Prada casting director Russell Marsh saw fit to garner the attention. Though Miuccia her self could have also played a role here, or gave the official nod. We don know what went on behind the scene.tiffany & co outlet Though Colinne is not exclusive to Prada in Milan,tiffany outlet online as she was to Calvin Klein in New York, she just been put on the world stage with a big spotlight directed on her. And of course her agency. Go Eric.tiffany outlet online We not done yet. The 2nd most important slot in a show is the closing one, tiffany outlet onlineand that honor went to Marilyn Paris girl Josephine Skirver. Seen below (also Polaroids).tiffany co outlet So we have two french girls here. What can we make of this? A new wave?tiffany co outlet Now I can help but think that it would have tiffany co outletbeen wicked if Alt kicked off her reign on French Vogue with a French girl. tiffany co outletToo late for that. Or is it? Most likely.



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