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Protest at Capitol Success! More work to do...

About 500 Michigan taxpayers took a cold April day off work and drove to Lansing to tell Governor Granholm and state lawmakers, "Enough is enough, No new taxes! Cut spending!" The protest was organized by the Michigan Taxpayers Alliance and Americans For Prosperity.

We made sure our voice was heard, chanting loudly, "Cut your budget!" and "She wants our pay, we say no way!"   and "They want more dough, we say, 'hell no'!" Passing motorists blared their horns in support of our message. Most protesters came with their own, handmade signs but, thanks to Ray Wilson and the Kalamazoo County Taxpayers Association, a variety of printed "anti-tax hike" signs were also available.

A ten foot tall pig named Mr. Perks, MTA's newest 'member', also made quite a splash.

An array of speakers kept the crowd motivated, including Stephen Moore an editor for The Wall Street Journal and Dick Patten from the American Family Business Institute, the leading national organization fighting the 'death (estate) tax'. Mr. Moore had perhaps the best line of the protest when he yelled, "No more taxation without respiration !"

Wayne County Taxpayers Association Chair Rose Bogaert filled us in about the tax revolt of 1983 and the creation of the Headlee Amendment. Roger Buckholtz, leader of Michigan's Fair Tax movement, spoke of how Lansing hides the taxes that you are paying.  

Now what? Well, that's the job of the MTA to figure it out. And figuring we are. Keep an eye on our web page for news of the next steps in this fight for our wallets!

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