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About the Michigan Taxpayers Alliance

The Michigan Taxpayers Alliance (MTA) is an alliance of Michigan citizens who believe   the state government of Michigan is hurting citizens and our economy by taking too much money from citizens and redistributing it through ever-increasing spending.  

The MTA is a true alliance in that its members are dedicated to stopping the state from increasing taxes from any segment of Michigan citizens, even those that government sees as an 'easy mark' due to their relative unpopularity; i.e. smokers, alcohol drinkers, "big business", small business, gamblers, "bad drivers", "the wealthy", farmers, or any other taxpayer regardless of their political vulnerability.

The MTA is a federally registered 501(c)(4) organization dedicated to taxpayer education and advocacy for reduced state Nordstrom Rack Couponspending and a reduced overall tax burden.

Why the Michigan Taxpayers Alliance?

By Leon Drolet

The struggle for the future of Michigan has reached a critical juncture.

Governor Granholm is expected to announce some form of tax increase when she unveils her budget on February 8. Will her proposed tax hike affect you?

If you, or a family member, has or is looking for a job in Michigan, than the answer is 'yes'.

Any tax hike sends a message to employers nationally that Michigan is not serious about reducing spending; and instead plans on balancing the budget by taking more money out citizens' pockets. Any tax hike, however well hidden or rhetorically embellished, equals a surprise sucker punch in the gut of Michigan's struggling economy.

But Granholm and Lansing politicians would rather deliver that brutal blow than cut state spending by the five percent needed to balance the budget! Why? Because advocates for higher spending are highly organized and politically well connected. Are tax payers as well organized as tax spenders ? No way.

Taxspenders have unions, rallies, lobbyists, government relations departments, and public funds to advocate for higher spending. They know every Lansing politician and which committees they serve on, what they like to eat at Lansing restaurants, and what their favorite drink is at Lansing bars. They donated to their recent election campaigns.

But everyday taxpayers? Lansing knows tax payers are disorganized and easy to divide and conquer. Picking on smokers is easy - hence two hikes in tobacco taxes since Michigan's economic downturn. Other recent tax hikes include higher fees on 'vital records' like birth and death certificates, higher drivers fees, Nordstrom Coupon Code a new 'bed tax' on hospitals, a new law making citizens pay property taxes earlier (which cost property owners more), and expanded 'interpretations' of existing tax laws designed to gain more government revenue (like charging farmers higher taxes because they are 'retail', not agricultural, operations if they open a pumpkin stand or a corn maze to the general public).

It is so much easier for Lansing to raise taxes on the smokers, the farmers, the small business owners; or to hide tax hikes in obscure fees and 'earlier collections' than it is to reduce spending and have to face the wrath of the well-organized taxspender groups that have well-funded Political Action Committees.

That is why Granholm and Lansing will make you pay to balance the budget. They are betting that any tax hike they propose will be well-hidden and/or on small groups of taxpayers so that few will bother to fight them. Maybe they will target beer drinkers or 'luxury' services like massages, concerts, or entertainment. They figure taxpayers will be divided or uninformed again. They are usually right.

But not always. Back in 1983, when Lansing hiked the income tax during a similar economic downturn, citizens woke up! They recalled two state senators who voted for the tax increase and the Lansing establishment was shocked and awed! Lansing reversed the tax increase.

Are you ready to fight back? To send a new shock wave through Lansing's country clubs, committee rooms, and lobbying corps? Ready to demand that lawmakers show taxpayers actual respect by cutting spending, streamlining services and living within their means?

You, or any one of us, will fail if you try to do it alone. But if we band together, get organized, and make sensible tactical decisions, we CAN win this fight at this critical moment for Michigan. Not sure how to proceed?

That is why the Michigan Taxpayer Alliance has formed. The Michigan Taxpayer Alliance (MTA) is a group of citizens who pledge to work together to defend any and all taxpayers ( including you! ) against higher taxes. And the MTA has experienced taxfighters on board to help you win this fight:

  • Rose Bogaert, chair of the Wayne County Taxpayers Association and Ray Wilson, founder and chair of the Kalamazoo Taxpayers Association bring decades of experience helping taxpayers understand and fight off local tax increase initiatives.
  • David Littmann earned a national reputation as one of America's top economic minds while chief economist for Comerica Bank. Mr. Littmann's recent retirement from Comerica is the MTA's gain!
  • Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform, has generously offered his guidance to the MTA's Board of Directors.
  • Small business owners Darin Chase (Homesite Mortgage) and David Grudzyski (Lasercom Mail Services) all bring to the MTA decades of activism on behalf of taxpayers, small business and property owners.

Finally, there is me, Leon Drolet. Six years as a state representative, and more than six prior years as a legislative assistant, means that I have lived in the belly of the beast: I know Lansing, I know politicians, I know how they think and what motivates them. I served six years on the House Tax Policy Committee, so I know public policy.

For years, I fought an uphill battle in Lansing to reduce the size, scope, and cost of state government. I learned that real change in politics rarely comes from within; but rather from citizens when they have finally had enough of waiting for politicians to embrace needed change. That's why citizens, not politicians, used the petition process to enact the Headlee Amendment and term limits. I am proud to have served as Chair of the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative (the recent Proposal 2) to end government race preferences - a battle won by everyday citizens when both political parties and nearly every governmental institution in Michigan was vehemently against them.

The Michigan Taxpayers Alliance needs you in order for taxpayers to win. Unlike unions, the MTA cannot force people to join and make them pay dues. The MTA gets no government subsidies. The MTA needs you to voluntarily join as a member!

We can only win if the MTA is strong in numbers and organization. So how do you join? How can you become part of the organization that plans on helping Michigan come back? By making a contribution of any amount, no matter how modest.

As a member, you will receive a regular newsletter and e-mail updates. You will be kept up to date on Granholm's and the Lansing establishment's various tax proposals and the MTA's efforts to reduce spending and oppose any Lansing tax hikes.

You will become engaged in the fight for Michigan. You will have experienced help and strength in numbers. You, along with millions of taxpayers, will have the chance to take on Lansing and WIN again!

Nothing less than the future of Lansing is at stake. The Michigan Taxpayers Alliance is ready to fight. Are you willing to join us?