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The MI Taxpayers Alliance

           Leon Drolet, Chair l 46116 Lookout Dr., Macomb, MI 48044lwww.mitaxpayers.org

February 8, 2007

For Immediate Release:                                                  

Contact: Leon Drolet @ 586-354-5432

  Anti-Tax Group to Granholm Tax Hike: "HELL NO!"

Michigan Taxpayers Alliance (MTA) today responded with a resounding, "Hell, No!" to Granholm's proposal to fund state government's spending desires by taking more money from its' economically beleaguered citizens.

  The MTA is a new alliance of state grassroots taxpayer organizations representing over 4,000 members committed to protecting all state taxpayers from higher taxes and irresponsible state spending.

  "Government, starving for more revenue to feed its spending hunger, picks-off the weak members of the herd," stated MTA Executive Director Leon Drolet. "They feed on unorganized taxpayers - not powerful school and government employee unions, well armed with lobbyists and PAC money to defend princely pension and health care benefits, and 10% state worker pay hikes. The MTA's mission is to create consequences for politicians who fleece citizens rather than cut spending."

  One of the groups included under the MTA umbrella is Americans for Tax Reform. ATR president (and MTA board member) Grover Norquist said the 3,000 Michigan ATR members are serious about its no new taxes message.

  "Taxpayers stood up to Lansing's big spenders in 1983," said Rose Bogaert, chair of the Wayne County Taxpayers Association, one of the groups in the Alliance. Bogaert was referring to the successful recall campaigns against former state Senators David Serotkin and Phil Mastin, who supported an income tax hike. "That was a lesson Lansing took to heart for a while - but now a refresher course is needed," Bogaert said.

  Ray Wilson is chair of the Kalamazoo County Taxpayers Association, another Alliance member group. "Any legislator who promised to raise taxes last fall is off the recall-threat hook," he said. "But I'll be darned if I can name one."


Citizens seeking to oppose new state taxes, advocate reform, and reduce state spending can contact the Michigan Taxpayers Alliance at: mitaxpayers.org.

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